Hi there! My name is Lucan, and I'm a photographer and digital artist based in Toronto, Canada. I'm passionate about creating art that captures the essence of my personal experiences and the emotions I recall.

My art is often based on personal events and memories, but it is also infused with imagination and idealization. I use a combination of photography and digital techniques to create images that capture the essence of my experiences but also allow for a sense of escapism.

I often incorporate human silhouettes into my art, as they allow me to convey their human spirit without being constrained by the limitations of societal identities or characteristics. The anonymity of a silhouette gives me the freedom to create universal and relatable experiences while also allowing viewers to project their own emotions and interpretations onto the figures.

In my art, I'm always seeking new ways to convey emotion and meaning, and I'm constantly experimenting with different techniques and tools to create unique and compelling images. I am drawn to subjects and scenes familiar to me that evoke strong emotions and memories, and I'm always looking for ways to resonate with my audience and speak to their own experiences and emotion.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to learn more about me and my work.

Clients and Collaborations
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